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Why does having a nurse matter to your recovery?

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“I think it’s important to have a registered nurse because nurses look at things from a nursing perspective rather than, fill in the blank on a form. We use nursing judgment to evaluate what you need for your disease processes and not just what you think you want. It’s very common for people to call me and say, “I’m concerned that mom can’t get around as well as she used to. She’s not eating properly,” and so on.

I get there and I find out that mom’s whole world has shrunk down to what she can reach. She’s not eating and she’s not taking her medication properly. And if I just followed the direction of the person that called me and said, “I need somebody to help her with grocery shopping, meals and keeping the house up,” that’s all she would get when she really needs something from a nursing perspective.

That’s making sure she’s taking the right medications, that she’s eating the right kind of diet, that he’s doing whatever the doctor has recommended that she do and to help evaluate whether those recommendations are effective for her or not. That’s probably the number one reason.

I think it’s important to have somebody overseeing what the staff is doing. Are they what I asked them to do? Are they effective working with that patient? And if they’re not, somebody that can address those issues even if it means replacing somebody that they love. They deserve to get the kind of care that they need.

The number three reason I think is peace of mind for members so that they know that somebody is there overseeing what’s going on. Florida is filled with people that don’t have family nearby to see first hand what’s going on. And when they talk to mom or dad on the phone, mom or dad doesn’t want to worry them so they say everything’s fine when maybe it’s fine and maybe it isn’t.

So, I think it’s a huge benefit to have somebody that is in and out of that house looking at what’s going on, that can say to the adult children, “Your mom went to the doctor and she doesn’t remember a thing that went on. I’d like permission to call and find out and maybe I should go with her next time so that we know that the questions that need to be asked are being asked, that the things that are going on are being reported to the doctor and the instructions are available to me so that I can see that they get followed up on.”

Anita Roberrson RN
Director of Nursing | Aging Life Care Manager

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